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Professional Eye Services in your Neighborhood

Want to avoid long waiting times in the hospital? We aim to provide specialized eye services at your convenience. The entire process will take approximately 15-30 minutes.

We have eye specialist and eye physicians within our practice to offer you the best solution for your eye conditions.

We perform a detailed slit-lamp examination looking at your

- Corneal Surface

- Cataract Status

- Eye Pressure via GAT (Gold standard for checking eye pressure)

- Dilated Retinal Examination

Conditions such as Cataract  / Glaucoma / Corneal Diseases / Retinal Diseases (Age-related Macular Degeneration / Diabetic Retinopathy), can all be treated at our clinics and the necessary surgeries can be arranged at our clinics at your convenience.

Our Eye Services are offered within our Family Clinics at all branches apart from Bedok.


Manifest and Cycloplegic Refraction for Children less than 13 years old


At our Seletar and Keat Hong Clinics, we offer refraction services for myopia and hyperopia for your children. 

As children are able to accommodate significantly as compared to adults, their 'degree' check cannot be done at any regular spectacle shops. 


 Our trained and experienced optometrists are able to provide an accurate check on your children's degree.

Call us at 69088280 to book an appointment for refraction services.

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